Architecture between Quality, Performance and Time To Market..

03/12/2016 - 11:15 to 11:50

Session abstract: 

The idea is to ask the right questions when taking the decisions about the architecture and technology of a new Mobile application in the early stages of the idea and development.

In general applications can be divided in two kind of apps:

  1. With server
  2. With our server side..

Those from category 2 still sometimes require services like statistics, a/b testing and so on.

Those form category 1 have specific requirements form the server and services like analytics, a/b testing and so on.

  1. Now according to :
  2. environment
  3. knowledge
  4. financial resources
  5. possibility to find the right people...
  6. ...

decisions have to be taken..

The idea is to provide to the audience as much as possible points that are good to be taken in consideration.

I don't intend to say which is more important. Every person will decide for itself but the idea is to present as much "elements" so they will be able to take in consideration as much of them and get to a better decision.

If you know more your decision will be better.