Virtual Reality in Java: A case study

03/12/2016 - 16:15 to 16:45

Session abstract: 

BBC named 2016 "the year of VR", reason enough for me to deepdive into the current status of Virtual Reality on Android.

Taking a look at Googles Cardboard, I'll cover existing SDKs, exploring the java demo provided. Based on this demo I'll go into details on how you can write a Cardboard app yourself, combining it with a modern way of separation of concerns: The MVP pattern. I'll also introduce a way of extending the MVP pattern for VR, by adding a new component, the Renderer, abstracting all OpenGL calls into one unit. Using the just introduced abstraction mechanisms, I'll finish my talk with an excurse on how you would unit test this app.

My audience will be equipped with a general understanding on how VR on Android using Java and Cardboard could work, avoiding some pitfalls.