DroidCon Bucharest Interview series with Andrei Diaconu

Andrei Diaconu from Android Ninja in Iasi.

1. Tell us few words about yourself and your passion regarding Android.
When I started out with Android, the most popular versions were 1.5 and 1.6. My first phone was a HTC Wildfire and it had Android 2.1. I remember how cool I thought that phone was and how fascinating Android was. Now, 5 years later, I feel the same way. I now look at how Android has been adapted for cars, watches and TVs and I am happy to be in the middle of it all. I feel a need to share what I know and it helps me get better at my job.

2. What was the most difficult task that you have faced as a developer or in your activity ?
The task I remember to be the most difficult can easily be solved using a library nowadays. I remember I had to render a big grid of images from the internet. I had to do this when Picasso or Glide were not around. For this simple task I needed to learn about weak references, asynchronous bitmap decoding and canceling jobs according to view recycling. To make things worse, I was a junior at the time. I still use information learned for that seemingly simple task.

3. What is the most interesting part in your presentation which would catch the attention of your audience ?
I will be showcasing some techniques to find performance issues in our apps. I hope developers in the audience will feel the need to try the tools in the presentation. The point where they start to imagine how the tools will help them is the point where they will be hooked.