DroidCon Bucharest Interview series with Cristina Stefania Popescu


1. Tell us few words about yourself and your passion regarding Android.
I am currently working in the Intel company, inside the Android QA Security team. I am also a student in the first year of master’s program Security of Complex Networks inside the Politehnica University of Bucharest, on Computer Science Faculty. My passion for Android have started two years ago when I have begun developing Android applications. After almost an year, I wanted to get to know more about the Android Operating System and I have developed my bachelor thesis inside the Intel Company by creating an Android security tool.

2. What was the most difficult task that you have faced as a developer or in your activity ?
I think one of the most difficult task that I have encounter was developing an Android Application in Python language using the Kivy framework. I had to develop the application in Python due to the fact that I had to integrate my application with another Python project. I have managed to develop it but I have faced many obstacles during the implementation. It was a hard but very interesting task to do.

3. What is the most interesting part in your presentation which would catch the attention of your audience ?
The most interesting part in my presentation will be a video with an example of how does my project works. I will show you an example of a Denial of Service attack on an Android device.