DroidCon Bucharest Interview series with Mario Bodemann

Maria Bodemann Mario Bodemann - Android and Java Evangelist:
1. Tell us few words about yourself and your passion regarding Android.

Hey, I am an Android Developer almost 3 years now, starting at Nokias HERE Maps for Android. After getting my hands dirty on Android, the passion got me, and I also started co-organizing Berlins GDG Android.
Since then I developed smaller apps for android in my spare time, and bigger ones for my companies. One of them employs me as an Android Evangelist: Contentful.
2. What was the most difficult task that you have faced as a developer or in your activity ?

Dependency. Working in huge projects with a lot of heritage, getting new features in, without compromising other features, is always a big task. On the non developer side, co-organizing the Berlin DevFest last year was also a big challenge, with a lot of experience gained.
3. What is the most interesting part in your presentation which would catch the attention of your audience ?

How do write an Android Virtual Reality App using Java.