VICTOR GRADINESCU Co-founder @ Mobile Kinetics.

1. Tell us few words about yourself and your passion regarding Android.

During the last 10 years I have had a mixed experience in the tech industry, going from researching Car-to-Car communications, to Enterprise Software Development and Consulting and finally co-founding a startup focused on building mobile products. The Android ecosystem is so dynamic and extensive that it actually empowers me to use all my previous experiences and also to enter new areas and develop new skills.

2. What was the most difficult task that you have faced as a developer or in your activity ?

One of the most difficult tasks I had to achieve since I started developing on Android was to ensure portability of a video encoding/decoding functionality for an app we’ve developed two years ago. This kind of functionalities are difficult to implement correctly in the Android ecosystem due to high fragmentation among devices and Android versions, as it is very dependent on hardware and drivers written by chipset manufacturers. My team and I spend some nights doing extensive testing and code tweaking. In the end, the app (PicPlayPost) turned out to be a success.

3. What is the most interesting part in your presentation which would catch the attention of your audience ?

In my talk about how to build context aware apps I’m going to share some of my experiences with developing an app for drivers which relies a lot on sensor analysis. Being able to iterate fast and test easily is crucial for this sort of apps and I’m going to explain some of the methods that we use.